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Industrial Lubricants

RONDO HD50 and S40

Monograde diesel engine oils suitable for all turbo- charged or normally aspirated engines

AMTRA XT 15W - 40

Ammasco Amtra xt 15w - 40 is a multigrade engine oil designed for diesel engines.

AMTRA XT 10W - 30

Amtra 10W - 30 is a high quality multigrade oil used to lubricate heavy lpg engines


They are supreme performance ani-wear hydraulic oils

ATF Dexron III

Automatic Transmission fluid is designed to meet the requirments of modern Cars and SUVs

Amgear Oil EP(100 - 460)

EP(100-460) are premium quality industrial gear lubricants designed to provide eccellent ...{...}

Gear oil CLP 100

CLP 100 is a heavy duty gear oil, recommended for enclosed gear units working under shock.

Speciality Industrial Oils

Ammasco has special oils that are formulated for all kinds of industrail machinery